Dan Martier

Drummer. Ambient Composer. Singer. Sound Creator. Writer

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Dan Martier is a drummer, percussionist, vocalist, composer and teacher based out of coastal Carolina who is sought after for his adept handling of a wide range of musical styles and instruments. For 17 years Martier has toured extensively with Tim Reynolds and TR3 through the United States, Canada and Brazil. When he is not touring with TR3, Martier is one half of Martier Sound Meditation traveling the country with his wife Laura guiding audiences on their signature Sound Journey concerts and meditation offerings. 

Dan has played drums for Keller Williams, Stanley Jordon, Rashawn Ross, Jeff Coffin, Eddie Williams, Birddog, Uber Lounge, Joe Mapp, Karl Werne, Christe Lenee, and many more Outer Banks NC and Mid Atlantic artist.

Beyond all of the drumming and singing  and teaching, Martier is a composer of  Ambient Music and continues to release many of his works.